Evaluations that ensure your product excels

A multitude of non-destructive testing is available to ensure every MST product shipped meets our customers’ needs and our high expectations.

Ultrasonic testing – both in the longitudinal and transverse directions – is capable of detecting imperfections as small as 5% of the wall thickness. It can also examine the entire thickness of the wall and is even capable of measuring the wall thickness.

Eddy Current Testing is used for OD surface evaluations and utilizes magnetic eddy currents to detect imperfections. Tried, true and reliable, it is the gold standard for A106 pressure pipe and is superior to hydro testing. Click here to learn more about why Eddy Current Testing should be your first choice in non-destructive evaluation.

MST is able to perform testing – Ultrasonic or Eddy Current – on your tubing orders of .75″ -5.00″ OD.

In addition, we can hydrostatically pressure test tubes up to 2.50″ in OD at pressures up 2,500psi max.

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