South Lyon, Mich., November 5, 2010 – MST Seamless Tube & Pipe has recently increased its workforce to near-record levels after a solid 3-month period of strong sales. The South Lyon-based manufacturer of seamless cold-drawn pipe and tube has had a recent hiring surge that brings their total number of hourly and salaried employees up to 250, near where it was before the state’s economic downturn.

A decrease in sales volume nearly two years ago necessitated a slight downsizing. As South Lyon’s largest non-governmental employer, the downsizing weighed heavily on MST’s executive management, who immediately went to work to minimize the impact. “Because of the decreased sales, we have worked diligently over the past year to manage costs, and we’ve been successful keeping profits in check,” said Les Whitver, vice president of operations.

In 2010, MST experienced a 36 percent increase in tonnage booked and has seen a marked increase in distributor and OEM sales of mechanical tubing. Boiler and pressure tube sales have been steady, with notable increases in pipe sales. MST’s recent addition of a UV coating line has positioned the manufacturer to sell pipe into the distribution market.

Current demand for pipe and tube from MST is so strong, lead times for products have been moved from four weeks to seven or longer. Still, the company is able to maintain a steady 98%+ on-time shipping performance each month.

“The overall economic recovery has helped fuel MST’s increased business levels, but I believe a lot of the credit is owed to our dedicated and determined sales group,” said Ted Fairley, vice president of sales & marketing. “They stay on top of every opportunity and provide stellar service. Their efforts are backed by the best operational group in the industry, and together they ensure our quality products are delivered on time and every customer is completely satisfied,” said Fairley.

“Hiring in new employees is our small way of doing all we can to help revive Michigan’s grim unemployment rate,” said Whitver. “Fall is starting strong, and we’re looking forward to finishing the year on a positive note.”


For over 80 years, MST Seamless Tube & Pipe has been the leading manufacturer of carbon and alloy seamless cold-drawn pipe and tube for a variety of industry applications, including aircraft and aerospace; mining and construction; automotive; and agriculture. Located in a suburb of Detroit, the company operates a 320,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility on 60 acres in South Lyon, Michigan, where every pipe and tube meets today’s world-class, global standards. Because of its size and capabilities, MST can be extremely flexible and provide fast set up and quick turnaround on all orders whether they’re large or small. MST is owned by Optima Acquisitions in Miami, FL.

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