Eddy Current Testing

A Test of Strength

Tried, true and reliable, Eddy Current testing has been performed since World War II, and it’s still the gold standard for A106 pressure pipe. This nondestructive technique deftly detects imperfections using electromagnetic induction and tests for cracking, corrosion, pitting and thinning. Protect your pipe projects and your reputation, and don’t settle for hydrostatic pressure testing that simply cannot perform the same rigorous testing as Eddy Current.

Why Eddy Current?

  • Sensitive to both surface and subsurface imperfections
  • Capable of detecting imperfections through multilayered structures
  • Able to detect through thin non-conductive surface coating
  • Comprehensive, and conducted full-body 360 degrees around the pipe
  • Conducted with very little pre-cleaning
  • Nondestructive and reliable
  • 4-8 times more sensitive than hydro

Eddy Current Testing Specifications

*Based on nominal wall thickness

Download Eddy Current v. Hydro.

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