Cold-drawn (or cold-finished) mechanical tubing possesses exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy and is available in a wide range of mechanical properties, including carbon and alloy grades.

From handrails to hydraulics and everything in between, our mechanical tubing products can fit a wide variety of applications.

Every order we produce is custom made based on industry specs (including military grade) or your specifications and requirements, and we offer all carbon grades from 1012 through 1080 as well as alloy grades. Our expert team can also develop custom chemistries to fit your specific application.

Come to MST with your particular need and we’ll perform a review to see how we can meet the tolerance, tensile strength and specifications you require.

    Our mechanical tubing is available in a wide variety of shapes, including round, square and hexagon, and can be ordered as:

  • Outside Diameter x Wall thickness
  • Inside Diameter x Wall thickness
  • Outside diameter x Inside diameter
  • Nominal Wall
  • Minimum Wall
  • Special tolerances are available

Tube Shapes