Control Corrosion. Get Galvanized.

Stands the Test of Time.
When you need corrosion protection, MST is your one-stop source. Our high-quality, cold-drawn seamless pipe products can be hot-dip galvanized, giving us complete control of the galvanizing quality and process from start to finish. And giving you product that will stand the test of time.

Uniform and precise.
Others do a bundle at a time, but our pieces are each dipped individually for a superior coating and stronger adhesion. This one-by-one process of perpetual motion ensures your tube or pipe is coated more evenly, and because your material never touches another piece, the coating is protected throughout the process.

Clean and smooth.
You can count on a clean, debris-free finish because the outside diameter of every piece of material is processed to ensure an even coating and enhance aesthetic appeal. We know that a smooth interior is just as important as a smooth exterior, so every interior diameter receives a hot steam blow out to eliminate any residual dirt or debris. Your materials are delivered smooth, clean and dross-free.

Service and simplicity.
There’s no need to go anywhere else for high-quality galvanized pipe. As your one-stop shop, MST provides the service you expect and the simplicity you need. We will produce it, have it galvanized and deliver it directly to your doorstep.

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Galvanized pipe - Made in USA

About MST

A long tradition of manufacturing excellence

At MST, we've designed our business to meet the needs of your business. Our men and women of steel work diligently to provide you with the exceptional customer service and high-quality product you require. Choose MST for your cold-drawn seamless tube and pipe, and you can count on:
  • Product that is always 100% melted and manufactured in the USA
  • Exceptional customer service
  • The quickest turnaround
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • A modernized facility that enables us to accommodate large and small min mill quantities
  • A team that excels in expedited deliveries
  • Shipping experts well-versed in all modes of shipping, transportation and exporting
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • High quality testing to ensure your order is produced to your exact requirements and specifications
  • The ability to accommodate custom orders

Melted and manufactured in the USA

Melted and manufactured in the USA

Our modern manufacturing facility is located in the Midwest. From here, we meet all of our customers’ needs – and proudly ensure that our products are always melted and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Customized and Quick

Customized and Quick

Need a small quantity? Custom bundle size? Expedited delivery? MST can accommodate your min mill order, quick turnaround and custom request.