Our Process

Every seamless pipe and tube manufactured by MST is cold drawn (cold finished) to our customers’ exact specifications. Each order goes through a series of precise steps and thorough testing in our state-of-the-art facility before being shipped on time, every time.

  • Raw material in a broad selection of grades and sizes arrives at our state-of-the-art facility as solid, round billets.
  • Each billet is heated in a rotary hearth furnace and indented in the exact center.
  • The billet enters the rotary piercing mill where a hydraulic ram feeds the billet between heavy rollers that drive it over a piercing point, producing a tube hollow.
  • While still hot, the tubes or pipes are reduced in size in a stretch reducing mill, which produces shells.
  • After cooling, the shell is either cold worked on a draw bench, which pulls it through the stationary die and over a mandrel, or on a cold pilger mill, which cold reduces it by driving the shell over a tapered mandrel and through rotating dies. These processes both improve grain structure and surface condition; increases hardness; and reduces the product to the desired size and thickness within extremely close tolerances.
  • When cold working is complete, each piece moves to the annealing furnace, where variations of temperature, time and number of cycles produce a wide range of hardness and tensile strength to meet the industry standards as well as customer specifications and requirements.
  • Once straightened to desired tolerances, the product is cut to length.
  • To ensure quality, the product is tested by eddy current and, if desired, by ultrasonic and/or hydrostatic test.
  • Samples are cut per order and specification and then moved to our metallurgic laboratory for testing.
  • A certified material test report is then generated for each order and the final products are packaged in bare bundles with metal straps for shipping.
  • Cold-drawn tubes and pipes – which have received minimal handling to ensure excellent surface finish – are shipped.
  • Tubes arrive at their destination – on time, every time.


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