About MST


To the Rescue

  • 85th Anniversary

    85 years of success is not a fluke. It's proof of a solid team and clear vision. MST has been providing the highest quality cold-drawn carbon and alloy and mechanical and pressure tubing and piping to many industries since 1927. Our dedicated employees and diversified facility allow us to manufacture a wide array of products -- on time, every time. At MST, it's about time.

  • Cold-drawn Process

    After cooling, the shell is cold worked on a draw bench, which pulls it through the stationary die and over a mandrel. This process improves grain structure and surface condition; increases hardness; and reduces the product to the desired size and thickness within extremely close tolerances.

    When cold working is complete, each piece moves to the annealing furnace, where variations of temperature, time and number of cycles produce a wide range of hardness and tensile strength to meet the industry standards as well as customer specifications and requirements.

  • Heat Treat Line

    AT MST Seamless Tube & Pipe, we continually expand our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility so we can improve upon our already stellar performance and service.

    For example, our custom-designed Quench & Temper heat treat line lets us reduce lead times, provide even quicker turnaround and produce large mill quantities with small mill flexbility. It allows greater efficiency, the quickest turnaround and exceptional value.

    We invite you to see for yourself how our heat treat line helps us deliver on time, every time.

    You ask. We deliver. It's About Time.

  • Hot Mill Piercing

    Every seamless pipe and tube manufactured by MST is cold drawn (cold finished) to our customers' exact specifications. Each order goes through a series of precise steps and thorough testing in our state-of-the-art facility before being shipped on time, every time.

  • International Capabilities

    At MST -- Seamless Tube & Pipe, we aren't limited by borders. Our men and women of steel are experts in getting orders anywhere around the globe. From our stellar sales department to our experienced international shipping experts, your order and shipment is always handled with the utmost care and precision.

    Whether we're shipping to Mexico or Dubai, our export specialists ensure the proper paperwork and documentation are always in order so your product is delivered -- even across borders -- on time, every time. It's About Time.

  • Melted and Manufactured

    Our manufacturing facility sits proudly in a small Midwestern town in the United States, and being able to meet all of our customers' needs from right here is a source of pride for our men and women of steel.

    While others send their business overseas, we prefer to keep our business stateside. Watch our video to learn more about why our products are always melted and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    Whether you're in the United States or across the globe, MST- Seamless Tube & Pipe is committed to delivering on time, every time. It's about time.

  • Metallurgical Lab Testing

    Our on-site metallurgical lab performs thorough testing to ensure the materials we ship meet the requirements of each order. At MST, we guarantee every order meets the mechanical properties, chemistry, hardness and any other necessary specifications required by our customers.

  • MLR Orders

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides the widest range of tooling available in the United States so we can manufacture cold drawn seamless Multi-Lead Rifled (MLR) tubing to accommodate any application. This ribbed tubing can be precisely manufactured using your engineering drawings with rib count and tooling details.

  • MST Men & Women of Steel

    See what the men and women who comprise our steel team think of working at MST.

    From being a part of a team they respect to producing quality products that meet customer expectations every time, these MST employees truly love their work.

    Listen for words like "proud," "quality," "give 100%," and "team player" and you will hear why the quality of our work starts with the quality of our employees.

    The MST team is proud to produce exceptional steel tubing for our customers every day.

  • Pickle House Tour

    Our new 9,600-square-foot pickle house. Is now open for production and is already improving MST - Seamless Tube & Pipe's pickling capabilities.

    This $6 million dollar investment adds a fifth pickle house to our 320,000-square-foot modernized manufacturing facility and enables MST to produce an additional 450 tons of product each month. Not only does it expand our pickling capabilities, but it also improves our billet inspection process and improves the overall material flow through the mill.

    If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our pickling process, please let us know at info@mstube.com. On time, every time. It's About Time.

  • The Pickling Process

    The Michigan-based seamless tube and pipe manufacturer has constructed a new 9600 sq. ft. building to house the pickle lines, extended billet inspection area, a new crane and acid tubs. Dubbed the Pickle Expansion Project internally, MST expects this improvement to provide an additional 450 tons per month of finishing capacity and improve overall material flow through the existing steel mill.

  • Sales Flow Process

    Well before production begins in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, every seamless tube and pipe order goes through a rigorous verification to ensure all of our customer's specifications are met. From taking an order to releasing it for production to delivering it on time, every time, MST comes to the rescue.

  • The Shipping Process

    At MST, no order is considered complete until it's been safely delivered to you. All cold-drawn tubes and pipes receive minimal handling in our facility so they maintain excellent surface finish. Our shipping specialists ensure the final products are carefully packaged in bare bundles using metal straps. Only overhead crane loading is allowed, and all shipped products require tarping with straps -- not chains, which can potentially harm the surface finish. Our work isn't done until you've received your order, and the entire MST team works together to make certain all of our products reach their destination on time, every time.

  • Steel Yard

    At MST, we allow complete customization in every step, and the steel bar selection process is no exception. With over 90 grades and sizes of material in our steel yard, your steel bar selection is one of the first steps in our manufacturing process. Count on our facility to manufacture tubes and pipes that are custom in size, length and steel grade even for small quantities and short deadlines.

  • UV Pipe Coating

    Our manufacturing facility has been recently modernized to include a new UV coating line that produces a 100% solid UV coating with numerous benefits. UV ProTech offers superior corrosion protection using state-of-the-art ultraviolet technology. Use it on any of our tube and pipe products to improve their appearance and resist rust -- especially important if you're shipping overseas.